Access Wireless Participates in the Lifeline Free Government Cell Phone Program

Access Wireless is quickly becoming one of the top providers of free cell phones under the government Lifeline Program.  It is available in  Illinois, Arkansas, West Virginia, Utah, Nevada, Maryland, Louisiana, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, Alabama, New Hampshire, Kansas and Washington.

Service is provided on the Sprint Network.

They provide a free cell phone with up to 250 minutes per month.

This program is part of Kroger which gives you the opportunity to get even more free minutes wtih one of their rewards cards.  For every $100 spent in-store, 20 free minutes of airtime will automatically be applied to the registered Access Wireless phone.

You can also upgrade your phone if you choose but you would have to pay for the new phone by yourself.  But your 250 minutes/month would still be free.


Access Wireless
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